Cooking HEALTHY food just got EASIER & TASTIER.

SUPERCHEF has been designed to prepare all types of dishes, so you are in control of the ingredients. You can cook a meal from scratch to avoid harmful preservatives. Your lifestyle has become healthier and easier with SUPERCHEF.

compact MOBILE

Easy to store. Compact to carry around for a cook or a picnic.


All in one – capable of replacing many kitchen appliances.

energy-saving ENERGY SAVING

Single machine with 12 functions all in one press and screen.

fire SAFE

Overheat protection, Heat protected surface and sealed lid.


bowl There are bowl capacity graduations on one side of the bowl. Each graduation represents 0.5L. The maximum capacity of the bowl is 2.0L.
basket The cooking basket you can use it to strain, filter, steam cook or stew soft food such as meat or fish balls. It is a multipurpose component.
tray There are three parts of the steamer basket which is the cover (top), tray (middle) and steamer (bottom). Tray is best used to steam various food.
lid The cup lid is the only part which can be used to cover and lock in place on top of the SUPERCHEF bowl. Do not use similar things to cover the top or else the food may spill.
spatula The spatula bar can be put into the bowl through the hole in the cup cover and the round safe plate can prevent it from touching the blades. Used to mix or blend in the bowl.
blade The mixing blades are able to crush all types of food. Use the different speed setting, time variations and the turbo option to obtain the texture you want at any time.
cup The full measuring cup is 100ml. It can be used as a cover to prevent the steam from escaping or the food from splashing out and to measure the ingredient.
butterfly The butterfly bar is installed on the blade. It can help to mix fresh milk or egg white and prevent food from binding together and keep the food mixing when boiling.
brush The brush is provided for the cleaning some hard to reach area for the bowl, mixing blade, cooking basket, butterfly bar and measuring cup.


Cooking funtions 12
Min to Max 40c to 110c
Power supply 220-240AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 500W for mixing
Power consumption 1000W for cooking
Total 10 mixing speeds + pulse
Cooking Speed 1-4
Blending Speed 5-10 No Heating
Boiling Speed 0
Blade Components Mixing Blade
Bowl with heating element Stainless Steel
Standard Steamer Basket, Steamer Tray,
Steamer Cover, Spatula,
Butterfly Bar
LCD Screen Temperature, Speed & Time
Addons Recipe Book
Freebies Weighing Machine
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